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How Can the Slot Bonuses and Features Help in Saving Your Bankroll?


Slot machines have been the fad of casino gamblers for the longest time now since there are no complex rules that need to be crammed up to play. The casino floors with the slot machines have been the most crowded for this same reason, and this has led to the game developers incorporating more technology into agen slot indonesia. Every average new game will have multiple features and bonuses to offer. This was a step taken by the game developers to make the game more exciting than it originally was. Since slot machines are looked upon by many gamblers as the area where they hesitate to step back from due to the excitement and possible addiction, they don’t go in for the game frequently. But unlike you think, slots have features and betting options that will let you stay under control.

You can also save money while playing the game apart from the entertainment it offers. It is undeniable that slots frills have been designed to keep you hooked until making some money out of it, but it is also true that these machines have the ability to preserve your bankroll if you know how to handle the game. Let us have a look at these features and bonuses that can help you save your bankroll.

Slot Bonuses

Special Features and Bonuses

1.      Free Spins

One of the first special features to be added to slot machines, free spins, were the chances that you receive to win real money for free. By landing three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reel, the spins get triggered. The number of free spins that you are rewarded with will depend upon the game you are playing. Around 10 to 20 free turns can be expected from the spins, and you get to play them like the normal spins without having to pay for them.

2.      Second Screen Bonus Round

You will be transported to a new screen from the normal reels in the second screen bonus round. The exciting part about this round is that you don’t need to spin the reels; instead, you can play a unique game that involves something different from the normal spins. Various types of second screen rounds include spin a wheel, pick’em round, shooting, board game, and skill-based game.

Apart from these two bonuses, the slots also feature rolling reels and gamble rounds.

Free Spins

How They Save Money?

In the older designs of slot machines, there was no scope for special features to be added. As years passed, technology advanced immensely to add extra thrills and graphics to the game. Besides the factor of entertainment, these new machines had the potential to provide the players with various features, like the ones mentioned above. Since these extra rounds slow down the game, you are prevented from making spins faster. If you are that player who frequently falls into a trance set by the machines, this slower pace of spinning will help you take a step back in inserting money for a game of slots. Make sure that you consider the slot bankroll management advice and watch out for all the high minimum spins.

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