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Best TV Shows to Watch If You are a Gambler

Gambling is a practice that has had a polarizing history with many people loving the idea of betting on their luck while others have chastised it for the addictive claws. But gambling has grown over the years to sprawl over even into the souls who were against the practice. When you evaluate casino gambling for the fun and entertainment value, you will surely find a good enough reason to invest your money. You could go for any other hobbies of yours to spend your leisure productively, but not many activities could possibly give you the satisfaction that a casino game could.

If the past week has not been the best for you, go ahead and gamble at a casino to escape from stresses. However, if a gamble isn’t appropriate this weekend, you might as well just go for the other activities like reading books, watching movies, or attending concerts. Go ahead and watch TV if you like to spend your day at home without having to put your wits into it, and if you are a fan of gambling, there are a few shows that have been made just for you. Let us have a look at the best TV shows based on gambling.

Sneaky Pete

1. Sneaky Pete

This is one show that you shouldn’t miss if you were a fan of Breaking Bad or House. The creator of House, David Shore, and the Breaking Bad star, Bryan Cranston, teamed up in Sneaky Pete to create a drama about a man who just got released from prison. Marius Josipovic, played by Giovanni Ribisi, is a con artist who wants to leave his past life behind and start a new chapter after the prison period. He steals the identity of his cellmate to begin a new life, and his adventures include a lot of important poker table scenes. You can stream Sneaky Pete on Amazon Prime.

2. Stan Lee’s Lucky Man

All the ‘MARVEL’ superheroes who stole millions of hearts across the globe had a creative mind behind breathing air into those characters- Stan Lee. The legend who passed away in 2018 had created Spiderman, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and the whole gang of Avengers. Lucky Man was also a creation by Stan Lee that featured on TV. It is the story of Harry Clayton, a homicide detective who is addicted to gambling. When he receives a bracelet that lets him control luck, he manipulates all the circumstances to turn out in his favor. You can watch this British show on NOWTV and Sky1.

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man

3.  Poker After Dark

Although the title has ‘Dark,’ this is nothing like the two dark crime drama shows mentioned above. Poker After Dark is more of a sports event that goes on to discuss gambling as well. As the blinds go up from $100, the poker game starts getting tenser. No much voice-over commentary is provided for the show; the players will be wearing microphones for communication at the table. Poker pros like Chris Moneymaker, Annie Duke, Gus Hansen, and Daniel Negreanu regularly featured on this show.

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